Building Nest Eggs Around the World – With the “Expat Dad”

Aaron, the “Expat Dad”, is practicing “lean FIRE” in Singapore, showing people that you can reach financial independence and also raise a family. After being born in the USA, he spent time living in Australia, Indonesia, and all over the world, all the while building a nest egg in each respective country. Aaron has a very unique approach to FIRE, check out his story! And feel free to check out his blog at

The Fruitful Investor! $20,000/month in passive income? – With Mat Piche

What’s your dream retirement location? Mat Piche dives into the path to $20,000/month in passive income through rental properties. Mat currently owns 11 properties, and has plans to continue through the power of joint venture (JV) partnerships. Join him on his path to retiring in Costa Rica!

Grateful for the Grind! With Paul Plumstead

What are you grateful for? Today we discussed Financial Independence with Paul Plumstead. Paul is experienced in a variety of money-making skills including construction, rental property investing, working as a realtor, and more – not to mention his full-time job. “No Time” is no longer an acceptable excuse when it comes to taking control of your finances!

F-You Money, Mini Retirements, and Traveling the World

Today we discussed mini-retirements with another fellow member, Tom Forsythe! Tom recently returned from a 6-month mini-retirement that was spent traveling the world. For those not interested purely delayed gratification – mini-retirements might be the answer, and Tom has quite an experience to share. Passive income and the concept of “F-You” money can allow you the flexibility to drop everything and embark on a journey without worrying about how you’ll afford next month’s rent. Check out Tom’s story if you’re looking for some ideas and inspiration.

Small town? Become the biggest fish in the pond – with Jon Kepler


Today we discussed Financial Independence with Jon Kepler. Jon has a wealth of experience with various stock investing, forex trading, businesses, online marketing, MLMs, and most recently has been very successful with rental property investing. Jon had some amazing stories to share, and showed us the value of creativity in business.

Mr. and Mrs. DINK – Justin & Lara!

Today we discussed Financial Independence with Justin & Lara – or, Mr. and Mrs. DINK! (Double Income, No Kids). These guys left behind a beautiful single-family home to pursue financial independence through stocks, house hacking, rental property investing, and a few side hustles. When they’re not posting pictures of their cats on Instagram, they’re sharing landlord stories and documenting the challenges and successes along their path to FI. You can follow them both, and reach out on Instagram here:

Take The Shot! – Jeff Wybo

Today we discussed Financial Independence with Jeff Wybo – Jeff is a real estate agent and investor. After house hacking and living for free in a triplex for awhile, he decided to upgrade his lifestyle and become a real estate agent. Jeff shares the keys to his success, and dives into concepts like “ready, shoot, aim” and deliberately backing oneself into a corner.

The Queens of Side Hustles! – Barb

Today we discussed Financial Independence with Barb – she had some amazing stories to share, and was a big inspiration to us in regards to the value of creating multiple streams of income, and turning your passions into successful businesses through hard (and smart) work. Check out Barb’s story!

Beginning the journey to Financial Independence – Peter Kloczko

Today we discussed Financial Independence with Peter Kloczko – aka, the “The Hungarian Experiment” – a YouTuber who is just starting on his journey to FI. Peter is an inspiration when it comes to the value of legitimizing oneself through things like social media and content creation, and his journey to financial independence is just beginning.

From Grocery Store to FI – Dan Warren

Today we discussed Financial Independence with Dan Warren, who worked his way to FI by saving income from his job at a grocery store, and eventually investing it into student rental properties. Dan started working at a grocery store in 1996 with a high school education, began investing in real estate in 2005, scaled his job back to only 1 day per week, and then quit his day job in 2016. Dan’s the man – check out his story!