20+ Million In Pest Control Sales Funneled into Cash Flowing Real Estate – w/ Chandler David Smith

Chandler is a regional sales manager for a nationally recognized pest control company. He has recruited and mentored over than 1,000 sales reps and sold 40,000+ pest control accounts bringing in more than $20 million in gross sales. Chandler takes the capital from these earnings, and funnels it directly into cash flowing real estate. A the time of recording, Chandler had 63 doors, and is growing rapidly, all while documenting it on his YouTube channel.

Flipping, Wholesaling, and BRRRR-ing her way to FIRE! – with Angie Fievoli

Angie’s first year of real estate investing resulted in 8 different deals, including a variety of strategies like flipping, wholesaling, and BRRRR-ing, with the goal of reaching Financial Independence! Now she’s on a 3-month van trip around the USA, thanks to passive income, and FU-money.

Real Estate Investing, Rehab, Podcasting, and Entrepreneurship – with Andrew Hines

Andrew Hines touches on it all: real estate investing with both student and family rentals, wholesaling, rehab, new builds, add-ons, social media, hosting his own podcast, hosting a local networking group – gold nuggets are throughout the whole episode.


Reaching Financial Independence through Real Estate…In Your Twenties!

In a few short years, Dylan McLauchlan built up enough passive income from his real estate portfolio to retire from his day job, and pursue “firepreneurship” – building businesses and pursuing his passions without needing to worry about where the next paycheque will come from. Through the power of leverage with student rentals and multi-family rental properties, Dylan used the BRRRR investing strategy to access capital from his deals, and continue to mortgage snowball.

Passive Investing using Day Job Income while Raising a Family – with Chris Urbaniak

Reaching financial independence through passive investments and tracking your spending, all while raising a family – Chris Urbaniak shows how it can be done. Since the episode has been released, Chris moved down to 3-day weeks at his job, leaving him with 4-day weekends every week – a fantastic transition to full retirement. FIRE can be achieved in many different ways, but people often consider it impossible while raising a family. Chris joined us today to show how it can be done, without making massive sacrifices, but rather through conscious decisions, and deliberate change.

From Spender to Frugal Investor – with Adam Martin

Taking a leap of faith. Today’s guest had a light-bulb moment, by surrounding himself with the right kind of people. He went from spending all of his money and going into massive debt, to buying two rental properties, living for free by house hacking in one of them, renting to students, hosting on AirBnb, and speaking at real estate events. Looking to turn your life around? Adam Martin will be a huge inspiration.

Dropping out of college, flipping cars, and the life of a young entrepreneur – with Max Karg

College is not for everyone. While studying in school, Max flipped 192 cars by the age of 19. He had only one semester left of school – but after reverse-engineering his goals – despite the overwhelming pressure from his peers and mentors to finish – he decided that college did not align with his goals. He is now perusing new business ventures, and flipping cars for income along the way.

Investing for Lifestyle, Learning, and Exploring – with Matt and Cassidy

Imagine leaving for a 3 month trip around the world, and coming back with more money in your bank account – this is the concept that sparked it all for Matt and Cassidy. Rather than simply investing to make money, investing should be about creating the lifestyle that we want – and these guys figured it out early! Matt and Cassidy are running businesses remotely, investing various types of real estate (including creative financing, vendor take-backs, private money loans), attending countless business/mindset events, and working towards a lifestyle rather than simply working for money.

Rental Properties, Software Career, Van Life – Adam Steeper’s Journey to FIRE

On this episode, we dive into topics like software careers, real estate renovation projects, van life, and financial independence through simple living combined with passive income from rental properties. Adam Steeper has a fantastic outlook on FIRE, combining his small-town roots with big thinking and a relentless drive for designing the lifestyle he desires.