From Spender to Frugal Investor – w/ Adam Martin

Taking a leap of faith. Today’s guest had a light-bulb moment, by surrounding himself with the right kind of people. He went from spending all of his money and going into massive debt, to buying two rental properties, living for free by house hacking in one of them, renting to students, hosting on AirBnb, and speaking at real estate events. Looking to turn your life around? Adam Martin will be a huge inspiration.

Dropping out of college, flipping cars, and the life of a young entrepreneur – with Max Karg

College is not for everyone. While studying in school, Max flipped 192 cars by the age of 19. He had only one semester left of school – but after reverse-engineering his goals – despite the overwhelming pressure from his peers and mentors to finish – he decided that college did not align with his goals. He is now perusing new business ventures, and flipping cars for income along the way.

Investing for Lifestyle, Learning, and Exploring – with Matt and Cassidy

Imagine leaving for a 3 month trip around the world, and coming back with more money in your bank account – this is the concept that sparked it all for Matt and Cassidy. Rather than simply investing to make money, investing should be about creating the lifestyle that we want – and these guys figured it out early! Matt and Cassidy are running businesses remotely, investing various types of real estate (including creative financing, vendor take-backs, private money loans), attending countless business/mindset events, and working towards a lifestyle rather than simply working for money.

Rental Properties, Software Career, Van Life – Adam Steeper’s Journey to FIRE

On this episode, we dive into topics like software careers, real estate renovation projects, van life, and financial independence through simple living combined with passive income from rental properties. Adam Steeper has a fantastic outlook on FIRE, combining his small-town roots with big thinking and a relentless drive for designing the lifestyle he desires.

Frugal Travel, YouTube, Drop shipping – with Kool Kent

Today’s guest is Kool Kent. Kent is a YouTuber, drop shipper, and frugal traveler. He also invests in a rental property, which appears be a recurring theme in the On FIRE Podcast. Kent has a fantastic outlook on life, and dives into topics that none of our previous guests have touched upon – don’t miss this episode!

Meet Kevin – Real Estate, YouTube, Investing, Construction, Cashflow, and Millionaire by 24

Today’s guest is Kevin, aka Meet Kevin. Kevin is a real estate agent, investor, and YouTube creator sharing valuable knowledge in his videos, and providing a personalized service for his clients in a way that you don’t see very often in this field. Finding value, passion, and the “why” in his work has driven Kevin to continue working well beyond the point of financial independence. Check out this episode, and jump over to Kevin’s channel and let him know you listened to his episode of the On FIRE Podcast!

Investing, Coaching, Podcasting, and Working Full-Time – With Sarah Larbi

Is it possible to successfully invest in rental properties, coach/mentor, host a podcast (among other things), and work a full-time job? Sarah Larbi is living proof, and has a lot to teach! While climbing her way from the ground-level to a 7-figure net worth, Sarah has had success BRRRRing rental properties, branding herself, and co-founding a a local real estate meetup group.

The Humble Wholesaler – Wholesaling Real Estate

Ben – the Humble Wholesaler – is wholesaling real estate along his journey to financial independence. While his persona is wearing a gold chain and diamond grills, Ben is a down to earth, charismatic investor with unparalleled negotiation skills that have allowed him to execute on over 100 real estate deals – so far. There’s a lot to learn here – take it away, Humble!

The $10 Million Dollar Retirement – with Dan Desveaux

Dan Desveaux, a real estate investor in Sarnia, Ontario is looking for the opposite of “Lean FIRE” – his goal is to retire with $10 Million Dollars, and has plans to realize this goal through the rapid growth of his real estate portfolio. His story is quite the roller-coaster, where he developed from a young “cowboy-ish” approach to investing, into a sophisticated deal hunter. Dan has some very entertaining stories to share, and we have plenty to learn – so give this episode a listen!